“Airport, train station, government and perimeter protection are some examples of situations where image quality is critical to minimize investigation times and to protect assets – even if the lighting situation is extremely difficult,” says Erik Frännlid, Axis’ Director of Product Management. ”The new Axis Q1615 cameras not only offer full HD resolution but also automatically switch settings between high dynamic scenes and Lightfinder mode, ensuring all details are captured in dark and bright areas at the same time. The new cameras are also our first fixed cameras to provide 50/60 frames per seconds in HDTV 1080p resolution. This is twice the normal frame rate, which allows the cameras to even better record smooth video when people or vehicles are moving fast.”

In addition to the ability to seamlessly transition between WDR – Forensic Capture and Lightfinder mode, the indoor Axis Q1615 and the outdoor-ready Axis Q1615-E offer several image processing features to enhance image usability, such as barrel distortion correction, electronic image stabilisation for steady images in an environment with tough vibrations. In addition, the fixed cameras also support high profile in H.264 and enhanced Max Bit Rate controllers which assure that the bandwidth remains within the defined limits.

System integrators involved in large camera installations will benefit from features like the serial communication port and the input/output ports supplying 12 V DC output for powering external devices such as PIR sensors. Axis Q1615 cameras, with their high performance, enable advanced applications to run smoothly via Axis Camera Application Platform. Installers will find new innovative built-in features that speed up installation and ensure immediate video quality – such as leveling assistant and auto rotation, which guarantee that the video is at its best regardless of the condition of the camera and the environment it is installed in. Thanks to the shock detection, the cameras can send an alarm to staff or play an audio clip during attempted vandalism, a feature excellent for example in schools and public transportation. The outdoor-ready model, Axis Q1615-E, can withstand harsh weather conditions and the casing offers protection from impact and vandalism.

Source : securityinfowatch