In line with global environmental issues and concerns, thanks to modern technology and networking capabilities, there are now  a set of growing governmental regulations around the world to strengthen infrastructure surveillance and protection, and further to prevent natural disasters caused by extreme weather conditions and non-maintained ageing infrastructures.

Hiqview IP surveillance systems and solutions are engineered to withstand severe weather and temperature conditions. Hiqview’s line of IP cameras support various resolutions from full HD, 2MP, 3MP, up to 5MP. They offer a comprehensive range of IP cameras in bullet, dome, box, and cube types for both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, Hiqview offers a line of professional PTZ/ speed dome IP cameras that provide a 3x up to 18x optical zoom function as an option. For example, the HIQ-7390 and 7391 are outdoor speed domes featuring full HD video quality, 18x optical zoom, networking capability, and with 360° continuous pan and 180° tilt supported. Furthermore, both the HIQ-7390 and 7391 can withstand applications in a wide temperature range, from -20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F~140°F) whilst maintaining effective performance as proven in various different existing applications.

By deploying the quality video produced the company’s IP cameras, the Hiqview NVR has been configured with a friendly Central Management System (CMS) capable of performing intelligent video analysis (IVS). This is a useful feature and this function is capable of helping governments and authorities to carefully monitor potentially dangerous areas. Should any potential hazards or damage occur through natural disasters and/or extreme weather, the authorities will receive early warnings with visual data, enabling them to take prompt and measured action to minimize losses and most importantly to save lives.

Source : securityworldhotel