As a modular system built on open technology software, Efusion combines powerful functionality with the freedom to use surveillance, access control, fire, and intruder systems from a range of security vendors. These off-the-shelf integrations, managed through Efusion’s user-friendly interface means less complexity for both installers and end users, while offering unlimited future expandability at affordable price points compared with some other conventional physical security information management (PSIM) solutions.

At Ifsec, Maxxess is partnering with Canon, Redvision and Wavestore as well as other leading security manufacturers. Visitors are able to have the opportunity to experience a fully integrated demonstration that features a range of easy-to-install Canon full-HD dome and box cameras with new ultra-compact lens technology, Redvision’s X-Series rugged PTZ dome cameras and Redcop rapid deployment CCTV all integrated into Wavestore’s video surveillance and recording platform and controlled through Maxxess Efusion.

Waveview, Wavestore’s powerful review suite, allows users to easily search and instantaneously retrieve recorded images of incidents, even over very large amounts of footage, and display them alongside live images. Plus, for evidential purposes, a fully stitched-together sequence of events from any number of cameras can easily be exported in a wide range of video formats with just three simple clicks of a mouse.

The demonstration shows how through Efusion, access control, intruder and fire alarms can all be used to trigger cameras to turn to pre-set positions or tours and initiate a real-time operator response. The Efusion platform provides operators with full command and control capability through simple to use single user interface, capturing a complete audit trail of the alarm handling process.

During the show, Wavestore will also unveil version 6 of its VMS, which includes a wide range of new features including Ecostore, a hard drive management technology that offers a potential saving of 90% on the operational costs of enterprise-level recording and storage. It achieves this by the automatic spinning down of hard drives which are not engaged in the read-write process, enhancing the life cycle of hard drives as well as delivering a significant reduction in the power consumed by hard drives and air conditioning.

Lee Copland, Maxxess Managing Director, EMEA, said: “We’re really excited to be teaming up with some of the world’s best known security vendors at this year’s Ifsec. Together with these partners we can demonstrate exactly how Efusion allows ends users and their integration partners to choose best-of-breed technology across surveillance, access control, fire, intruder and other security functions to provide a simple and affordable approach to fully integrated security solutions. At the same time, we invite visitors to our stand to see the latest Maxxess innovations which are extending facilities and security operations out into the field to enhance the safety of staff and drive significant operational benefits.”

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